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To advertise with the California Rice Exchange, complete the contact us form or call for a quote today.


Below is the banner size that we offer for advertising on our homepage. Our webmaster can resize your existing logo to fit inside our banner, or create a new logo for your business. Our webmaster can also create a pop up web page for your business if you do not have a website.

Advertising Fees:

  •  Premium Placement Ad: Subject to availability. Top 3 Ad spaces on each side of the homepage:  $200.00 per month or $2,000.00 per year

  •  Regular Placement Ad: 4th Ad space and below on the homepage:  $100.00 per month or $1,000.00 per year

  •  Placing your logo with a link to your webpage on our homepage: One time charge of $40.00

  •  Develop a pop-up web page: One time charge of $120.00


California Rice Exchange

9287 Midway Suite 2B

Durham, CA 95938

Telephone:  530-345-4140

Fax:  530-345-4747


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